Products designed and brought to market.


Social media post to promote a trade show.

Fancy Food Show Post-01.jpg
Route sales brochure 1.JPG

Route Sales Brochure

Outside Tri-fold.

Route sales brochure 2.JPG

Inside Tri-fold.


Boarding Pass mailer to promote a trade show.

Boarding Pass A.jpg
Boarding Pass B.jpg

Gas Card Mailer

Mailers that look like personalized gas cards, redeemable for a prize at the show.

Gas Card.jpg

Post Cards.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.42.11 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.28.43 AM.jpg
Brick brochure 2 A.jpg

Private Brand Brochure

Side A

Brick brochure 2 B.jpg

Side B


Set of marketing brochures to promote special offers.


Poster Promoting WISE

WISE Bookmark.