About me.

My name is Cameron Riddle, but you can call me Cam. I was born and raised in Lansing Michigan. I attended Michigan State University and graduated in 2017 with a BA in Advertising, a concentration in creative and a minor in Graphic Design.

I realized I was interested in a marketing type of field after my experiences in community college and working in the marketing department for a baseball stadium, The Lansing Lugnuts. Promotion, writing about advertising and market research are interesting to me and I am eager to learn more. I was able to prove my work ethic at Harris Rebar where I was given the opportunity to take on more and more responsibilities. Finding opportunities to learn and grow in my work is something I love. I learned a lot about how a business is run, sales and markets, and most of all what it means to lead by example.

After graduating I got to work with MSU to take on the Flint Eats lifestyle app, an app designed to help the people of Flint locate healthy food in their area. As part of a design and advertising team, I got to experience remote work with international UX/UI designers.

Working as a graphic designer at Paramount Coffee Company, I have been able to learn more about design and printing production. I am able to work closely with sales executives and sales leadership to produce marketing material for business to business relationships. At Paramount I am often asked to take on new tasks and challenges. I love diving head first into these new experiences and using teamwork, planning, and technology to bring brand new ways to market the business.

As a student at MSU I got to work on a lot of great marketing, advertising and graphic design projects. I gained a lot of experience working with other students from around the world. I am proud that I was able to attend such a great university and the number three university advertising program in the U.S. according to universities.com.

I am always looking for opportunities to better myself and grow in my field. If you ask me, you can never stop learning. In life, everyone has something to bring to the table and no idea is too crazy to go unheard.